Mold Removal Job In Park City Utah

We are setting up to start a new mold job in Park City Utah. This is our containment on the doorway to isolate the work area from the rest of the home. The goal of the containment is to keep the dirty stuff in, keep the mold spores in the work area and not allow them to get airborne in a way that they would circulate two unaffected areas of the home. The worry is not that it could begin to grow mold elsewhere. The concern is getting the home clean as part of the mold removal. If we can contain the spores that inevitably are going to get airborne to a confined work area, then we can take steps to clean and remove those spores out of the air and off of surfaces. Once the spores get airborne, if they’re not contained and spread everywhere throughout the house it takes much longer and is more expensive of course.