Wooden Floor Water Damage

I’m actually here to do a mold inspection in the basement. There was a air sample collected by a home inspector in the basement that showed an elevated level of mold spores, so they invited us into diagnose the mold. The water damage event in question happened about 3 months ago. It was a leak from the dishwasher in the kitchen that damage this hardwood floor it then went down into an exercise room and family room below. As you can see in the picture part of the hardwood floor in the foreground is lumpy and bumpy and looks swollen. The floor in the background is shiny flat and smooth. The lumpy floor in the foreground I’m told was the damaged section and I was also told it’s actually been replaced. If it’s been replaced why does it look like it’s swollen from water damage?

Water damage wooden floor from dishwasher - Bio Clean of Utah